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We’ve worked closely with the City of Ottawa on a number of recent projects, such as the West End pumping stations, Alta Vista culvert replacement, and the John Asselford Weir removal.

The construction grading process involves identifying and grading a site’s soil conditions. This is an important step in the planning process because it informs the design of the building and helps to ensure the structure is constructed in an appropriate location.

Construction grading can be done manually or digitally, though it is more accurate to use digital tools because they are less prone to human error. Construction grading involves taking soil samples at various depths and surface locations to assess their suitability for construction.

The samples are then analyzed using a number of different methods, which provide information about factors such as soil type, moisture content, and compaction levels. This information can be used to determine how much weight a structure will be able to support in the future.

It can also help identify any potential risks associated with building on certain soil types or by certain locations. By taking this step early in the planning process, designers can avoid costly delays or mistakes that could have serious consequences on both their project and the surrounding environment.