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We’ve worked closely with the City of Ottawa on a number of recent projects, such as the West End pumping stations, Alta Vista culvert replacement, and the John Asselford Weir removal.

Structural retaining walls are used to provide support and stability for the structure in which the wall is situated. Structural retaining walls are typically used to prevent outward movement of a structure. They may also be used to add visual appeal or provide drainage features.

A variety of materials may be used for structural retaining walls, including concrete, brick, stone, steel, wood and other composite materials. In some cases, a structural retaining wall will be constructed with an embedded foundation to provide additional support for the structure.

Sections of a wall can be placed together to form a retaining wall. These sections can then be connected by an anchor bolt system or other means. The wall can then be filled in with dirt or another type of material to create a permanent retaining wall.

Structural retaining walls are often used in residential construction projects to provide support around foundations and other structures. They may also be used in commercial construction projects, such as parking garages and storage facilities.

In addition, they may be used on roadways and utility lines to prevent damage from vehicular traffic.