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We’ve worked closely with the City of Ottawa on a number of recent projects, such as the West End pumping stations, Alta Vista culvert replacement, and the John Asselford Weir removal.

A construction site is full of potential hazards. From unstable ground to cars driving through, there’s always the risk of an accident. When you’re working on a construction site, you need to take every precaution to prevent injury.

You should be alert at all times and make sure that you’re wearing safety equipment including hard-soled shoes, safety glasses, and hearing protection. If you do get hurt on the job, contact your employer right away.

You may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits if you were injured while performing work at a construction site. Be sure to follow all safety procedures and communicate with your coworkers if you’re unsure of any hazards or how to handle them.

There are many things that you can do to prepare for a construction site before you start working.

First, find out what kind of equipment and tools are being used. Make sure that all employees are familiar with their duties and responsibilities as well as any safety hazards that may be present on the job site.

Second, make sure that everyone on the job site is ready for work by checking them in, making sure they have the required equipment, and ensuring that they have proper identification on hand.

Third, check out the ground conditions at the beginning of each day to determine if there are any potential hazards present such as uneven earth, loose rocks or other debris, or other possibly dangerous conditions and make changes as necessary.