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We’ve worked closely with the City of Ottawa on a number of recent projects, such as the West End pumping stations, Alta Vista culvert replacement, and the John Asselford Weir removal.

Clearing and scrubbing areas of land is sometimes necessary to prepare for planting. It can remove debris, such as branches or leaves, that could become a hazard for people and animals.

It can also remove any debris that could be a source of disease for plant roots. Clearing and scrubbing can be done manually by hand. This can be difficult if large areas need to be cleared.

It is best to use machinery if possible. This can be done with power tools like tractors and mowers or hand tools like rakes and shovels. Power tools are easier to use and faster, but they can also cause more damage to the land than hand tools. Scrubbing is the process of removing unwanted plants, trees, or shrubs on land that is being prepared for planting.

This includes clearing away brush, vines, or other unwanted vegetation. It also includes breaking up rocks and dirt so that seeds can take root in the soil.

There are several different types Scrubbing techniques: hand scrubber , motorized cultivator , pull-type cultivator , mule/tractor treads , blade tiller (or rototill ) , hydraulic hoe .